Sunday, August 28, 2005

Our Michigan Wildlife

These are all signs I saw while riding my bike down my road. I guess they must be to protect the wildlife, or maybe the property, or most likely the liability of the property owners.

Maybe Jane will come after you if you trespass on her property. I wouldn't want to mess with her...

We've got lots of bees buzzing around preparing for the coming fall. This one is at my brother's house in Canton.
Here's a pretty butterfly I spotted while walking back in the forest behind my parents' house.
Doc Hopper, seen above, also lives behind my parents' house in the pond.
These deer were just standing there behind the house, eating the buckwheat, as I was leaving to take a bike ride.
This is my nephew Iggy, who lives in Canton. Unfortunately, we don't have iguanas running around the forests of Michigan, though, just in pet shops and houses.

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merlin said...

Hey, I hope there aren't any bunny hunters out there. I love being out in the wild. Please make sure my friends and I will be safe!