Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mmmmm, delicious deer

If only I could shoot this majestic whitetail deer relaxing in my parents' backyard...

It's true, today is the first day of deer season in Michigan and I'm missing it. To be more exact, it's the first day of rifle season, meaning you can blast away these animals with something like a canon. Up to today, you could only hunt with a bow and arrow during bow season. But starting today, like every year, you can go out and blow these beasts away with a gun! The kids have a day off from school, and some people even take a day off from work for this. Oh, man, I wish I was there. I miss all the Rocky Smiths with their beer cans and cowboy boots and rusty trucks. I especially miss hunter orange, the only fashion choice for fall. I miss the mailman's car getting accidentally shot by hunters and I miss not being allowed to wear a brown jacket because hunters could mistake me for a deer. I miss waking up to the sound of rifles being shot and people ringing the doorbell to ask if they can enter our property to search for the deer they hit, but which continued running and got away. Mmmm, I miss the smell of my brother butchering his deer at our house. And I miss the smell of sweet deer meat, or venison, frying on the stove. Deer season, I wish you were here. Well, not really.