Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dear Dresden,
you’ve shot an arrow into my heart. I can’t imagine a better place to live with nicer people or more beautiful scenery. Though the first half of this year brought some troubles (especially with my optimistic little New Year’s prediction of 2005 being the best year ever), things are looking up. Work is rewarding and fun, studying is fulfilling, and I’ve found that I have made some very good friends here in the last 2 and a half years. I’m a little sad to take off for a month, but I’ll see you in September!

The White RabbitWee Man, also known as Little Wee

No, I haven’t developed a nasty little coke habit like the title of this blog might suggest. This is the little white rabbit, who, like this city, has shot an arrow into my heart. This month is her second anniversary of living with me, and she’s just about 2 years and 3 months old.

(the name is from the Ojibwe language, it means rabbit)

And this is her partner in crime and boyfriend, sitting in his favorite place under the sofa in the corner of the living room. He moved in 10 months ago, shortly before I moved into my new apartment. He' s just over a year old. The arrival of a new rabbit (and a younger man at that) upheaved Little Wee’s world a bit, but after establishing her dominance, everything was okay again.

Another Fun Weekend
This weekend I was lucky enough to tag along on not one but two motorcycle rides! Originally, the plan was to go to a biker party, but then we got word that it might really be some kind of Nazi party. Hmm, probably a good one to avoid. So instead we went to the beach on Saturday, then on Sunday to the Sächsiche Schweiz, a national park not too far away from Dresden. We had a really cool hike among cliffs and rocks and uprooted trees following the violent thunder storm on Friday night. It’s rather humbling to walk along those narrow little paths where you can see how a couple days before a giant rock came crashing down the hill, smashing trees as if they were toothpicks. And that rock is just hanging there below the path, waiting for its next opportunity to free itself. See you in America, or in September!

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Hasenparadies said...

Little Wee and Waboose are living at Alaunstrasse 14 now which is just opposite their old place. And they gonne meet Najimo and Luna the perfect couple and Merlin and Mimoe (she hopes to teach him how to make love properly...) We are sure they will have a great time and maybe learn or teach a few things...