Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The latest from here

Whoever painted these, I adore them! So simple, yet so unique!
Anyway, that's just about how I feel right now, drunk on this lovely weather we're having.
I am not a fan of winter, and this winter was definitely not my style.

In our tiny little itty bitty postage stamp of a garden behind our apartment we have flowers, hooray! Crocusses and snowdrops, to be exact. Tulips and hyacinths are coming up as well, but are not yet in bloom.

These little guys are fantastic, and they came with the place. The tulips and the hyacinths we planted ourselves last year, and more crocusses, daffodils and another hyacinth are going out this year. I want a carpet of spring bloomers! As if that were not enough, we will officially become gardeners this weekend. Not only will I have my little flower beds at home, but also a remote garden where I can work to my heart's content. Oh and is there ever work to do...the cottage needs a new roof, and it's full of the previous owner's junk. So full that you can't really even walk inside. There are locked doors that we have no idea what's behind. So this summer we won't be taking fancy excursions or CO2 producing flights to exotic destinations, we're going to be ecologically responsible and grow some vegetables just a couple tram stops or a healthy bike ride from home. Not that I have anything against CO2 producing flights to exotic destinations, I just prefer to save my CO2 for the winter when I need to get the heck out of here!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

German food

We've been cooking up a storm! My in-house German chef whipped up some "Verlorene Eier" (lost eggs) a couple weeks ago--a concoction of hard-boiled eggs in mustard sauce, also served with potatoes. You can also poach the eggs in the mustard sauce, which we tried, but was a bit creepy, so I'd recommend boiling the eggs first if you want to try this dish.
Another major hit was the "Falscher Hase" (fake rabbit), something that my dear readers who've experienced this particular chef's treatment of a real rabbit will truly cherish. Fake rabbit is a dish that's much like American meatloaf, only wrapped in bacon and stuffed with hard boiled eggs. Voila! Fake rabbit!