Friday, September 30, 2005

Vote? But how?

That's how. So on the left you can see what a German ballot looks like, a big sheet of paper on which you draw an "x" in the circle next to the party or candidate you wish to vote for.
On the right you can see how we vote in Michigan (it's different from state to state). We still have the famed punch cards, which gained their notoriety in the 2000 presidential election. You see, you have to first put the card into the voting machine, and there's a book attached with holes in the middle. You use the holes as a guide, through which you shove that little metal apparatus (on the right, that's for an absentee voter like me, in the real voting booth it's a pin attached to a cord so you can't steal it) to make a hole in the spot that corresponds to your vote. Of course, to the left and right of the holes are pages which you have to leaf through to see all the different candidates and proposals. As an absentee voter, you don't have the advantage of the book, you just have a brochure, and must find the corresponding number for your candidate or proposal vote on the card and make the hole without the help of a guide. Which one of these systems makes more sense to you?
(thanks to Dietmar for the ballot! this is an invalid one from the 1st district in Dresden, with the name of the candidate who died on it) For all of you in the 1st voting district here in Dresden, have fun voting on Sunday! I hope this whole mess gets sorted out afterwards!

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