Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lunch...and an unexpected theatre performance
**warning: this post contains foul language!**

Tuesday, August 30th, was my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. So, we went out to lunch. They picked the Old Country Buffet, a truly American institution, full of true-blue Americans eating to their hearts' delight and their cardiologists' dismay. While waiting in line to pay, we were treated to a free perfomance by a woman my mom later dubbed 4x4, due to her dimensions. 4x4 noticed a sign stating that there
was a discount for senior citizens. Here's a transcript of how the conversation progressed.

Customer (a.k.a. 4x4): How old do you have to be to get the senior discount?
Employee: 60 years old.
Customer: Well, then I'll take that. I'm a senior citizen. Do you need my I.D.?
Employee: No, do you have a card?
Customer: What card?
Employee: To get the discount you need to buy a discount card for $1.
Customer: A dollar? How long is the card valid?
Employee: It's valid until December, and you get the discount every time you eat here.
Customer: That's bullshit! I have to pay a dollar to save 50 cents? That's a racket! I can go to Ponderosa and get a discount and I don't have to buy a damn card. I'm going to call the manager. That's bullshit. I guess I won't eat here again.
My Dad: Isn't it bad enough that we look old? We have to buy a card too!
My Mom: Don't encourage her!

We really witnessed this event transpire. It was probably one of the funniest things I've seen lately. The only thing that bothered me was that this woman was really harassing the employee, who looked like a college student and has only worked at the OCB for 4 months. She seemed really shocked, and has a terrible underpaid job as it is, she doesn't need to be abused by people like 4x4.

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