Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That's not the Sprick.

Where's the Sprick?

As you may have deduced from the above question, I have no Sprick. The Sprick was my bicycle, and she's missing. This ugly turn of events came after a rather epic struggle with her tires, and to be honest, it's almost a relief that her time with me has come to an end. You see, for a couple weeks before my departure to America, I had a rather ugly string of flat tires, which finally was remedied last Tuesday, after a nearly 2 hour operation involving about 10 different tools and a stripped bolt that had to be removed by sheer force (we couldn't cut it off because the saw was unfortunately missing). After fixing the tire and remounting the wheel, we broke the already broken front brake further, performed a test ride, and everything appeared to be okay, even though only 2 of her 3 gears worked. But it had always been that way. Then on my way to work the next day, the Sprick lost her chain, again and again. After the third or fourth time, I locked her up by a tree, rinsed off my hands in the river, and called work to tell them I'd be late. My students had a good laugh about my broken bike, as did I. Then when we attempted to pick up the Sprick, she was gone, probably off to the big bike dumping ground in the sky, because she isn't good for much else. So, to whoever has the Sprick out there, have fun! Don't get yourself killed when she breaks down next!

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