Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This was the trip home, fortunately, the week in Barcelona wasn't quite as turbulent as this.

Too bad Don Limpio wasn't on the flight, too! This name I can understand, it means Mr. Clean in Spanish, as he is dubbed in the United States, but why is he called Mr. Proper in Germany??

The trip was more like this, relaxed and nice. This is in the town of Sitges.

And here's that wild and crazy Sagrada Familia church that everybody was asking me about before I went. It's been being built now for almost 125 years, and they'd like to have it finished in 2050.

Here's why I really went to Spain. They really seem to like bunnies in Barcelona, we saw many for sale as pets at a street market.

Wait, is that person stealing from the cactus garden? Whoever that was came back to Germany with about 2 sacks of cactus starts...

In case I forgot the way home, Colón was there to show me the way. Or maybe the way to India?

This is a neat kind of advertising (I guess) by the shops in the town center of Igualada.

And these little guys can be seen around Barcelona.
A bit like some of the serial graffiti here in Dresden,
though there isn't as much in Barcelona.

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