Monday, December 12, 2011

We'll miss you guys

Yesterday morning I was witness to great carnage as I took some bread to my bunnies:  tufts of fur and what seemed to be a whole piece of skin, complete with fur.  At first I couldn't believe my eyes, then a wave of shock washed over me.  This had to mean that poor Knuddelhase had an awful night and an unexpected visit from a very unwelcome visitor:  the marten. 

This seemingly cuddly little guy is actually a brutal killer.

We seemed to have a foolproof bunny run built into a corner of our terrace, complete with emergency escapes for the bunnies into the three-storey bunny mansion, since there are a lot of cats in our neighborhood, and a net over the top.  But nothing can keep out a marten, they are skinny, nimble little guys.  We live quite close to the Dresden Heath, a large forest area home to a number of quirky wild animals who like to pay a visit to their city friends.  Additionally, I'm sure they are regular visitors to our street because I've spotted them skipping along the street after dark when I'm out and I've heard from our neighbors that they've also eaten their guinea pigs.  But I thought bunnies were too big and quick.  After a little research, though, I've learned that bunnies are a much-loved source of nutrition for these feisty little thiefs.  In hindsight, we're lucky a marten didn't come sooner. 

Cream and Knuddelhase, I'm sorry to have left you so helpless against such a terrible enemy.  We're glad to have known you and it's going to take me a long time to get rid of my reflex of tossing you our vegetable peels when I'm cooking.  We'll miss seeing you guys hopping about when we come home, and the kids will miss looking out their window at you and bringing you in to pet.  We hope you meet Wee Man (who died of tilt head) and Waboose (who died of a broken heart after Wee Man was gone) wherever you are!

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