Sunday, December 25, 2011


 Finally!  These blasted socks are finished!  I really like this yarn, I got it years ago as a birthday present.  It's hand spun and the colors are just fantastic.  I saved it and saved it until I thought of a worthy project:  warm, cuddly house socks.  I started them, a simple spiral sock pattern, and finished the first one rather quickly.  But then, I started the second.  About halfway in, it became depressingly clear that the yarn wouldn't be enough to finish the sock.  So my search began.  No shop seemed to have this yarn in stock this year, so I had to go with a simple deep red to complete the toe of the second sock.  And now, finally, it's done. 

As much as I like the idea of knitting (creating something warm and cozy all by myself) I find actual knitting to be incredibly frustrating.  Starting a project is really tricky for me, as is finishing.  The middle is rather easy, but it can be boring unless I have a good audiobook or some good radio programs to listen to.  That's my other problem:  I can't watch a film and knit.  My multitasking just isn't that good.  I'm too busy counting and making sure I get the needles in the right place. 
On another note, knitting is all the rage.  I've read about urban knitting projects  now for a couple of years:  knit sheaths for everything from lampposts to signposts and everything in between (see some neat pictures here).  And now urban knitting has come to Dresden:  somebody made this colorful cover for a trash can on Hauptstr.

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Arndt said...

das sieht ja gut aus mit der Strick Sache Gruß Iris