Thursday, July 29, 2010

New British-American Shop in the Neustadt

How about that? There is a new shop on Rothenburger Str. 26, run by an American married to a German who's been in Germany for almost twice as long as me! I saw the sign in the window of the still-empty shop a couple weeks ago, and thought, "Hmm, what's this all about?" and happened past yesterday only because the tram stop by my house is not in use right now, so I had to walk two stops. Good thing! It's a neat little shop, with a nice selection of foods and books. It's always funny to stand in front of shelves of American products here, it's like being transported to an American grocery store for a few minutes. She even has a wish list, so if you and a couple other people want something, she'll try to get it. Come on everybody, go sign up for Grape Nuts! I was the first person to ask. I didn't sign up on the list, though, because I will be buying my own in just a few short weeks... We wound up having a nice chat and W scored a new Dr. Seuss book out of the deal. A good stop for all.

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