Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love finding stuff, and days where I find neat stuff seem to come in clusters. Either I'm finding four leaf clovers left and right, or I find kids' clothes by the donation container or at the free store a few days in a row, or I just find stuff on the street that people put out because they don't want it any more. That is the case with yesterday and today. Yesterday I found some dishes that will be useful because a certain four-year-old in my house helps to put away the dishes and sometimes drops them. And today I found a memory card from a camera, and voyeuristic me was pretty excited to see just what was on there. I had hoped for some documents full of spelling errors or some pornographic photos, but got some pretty normal stuff, like photos and vacation videos in the mountains from 2002. Entertaining nonetheless.

If you're a little bit creepy like me and like to get a glimpse into other people's heads by looking at their junk, then you might also enjoy Found Magazine.

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