Monday, July 12, 2010

The Greenhouse

It may sound like a hairbrained idea to put up a greenhouse in the middle of the city where most people don't even have their own yards, but give us a hairbrained idea and we'll do it! I've been writing so many words lately that I decided to put up some pictures again. These greenhouse pictures are kind of old, so the plants are much smaller than they are now, but since I'm too lazy to transfer my newer pictures from the camera right now because the heat is making my brain melt and ooze out of my pores, you'll just have to live with these ones.

There she is, the little greenhouse. To the left you can see the living room window next to which I am sitting right now. The plants were tiny when I took these pictures, the cucumbers are growing out of the window in the roof now.

Tiny cukes!

Here things were getting greener and taller.

Behold! The tomatoes! Some are getting red now.

Rest in peace, first cucumbers. Shortly after this picture was taken, that little red-headed bane of my existence who runs around like a wild animal now that it is summer vacation ripped our first two cucumbers off. Haha little jerk, they weren't quite ripe yet. After the tragic theft, the greenhouse was fortified with a gate. Following its construction, the red-headed beast was heard standing in front of said greenhouse, rattling the gate and saying, "Boah, krass eh, boah, ist das krass." This isn't the freaking soup kitchen, genius, we don't have any handouts here. As my grandfather may have said in this situation: "Who in the hell is that dirty little red-headed son of a bitch in my yard?" But instead, a certain member of my household tore open the window and yelled "What is your problem?" The little beast seemed shocked, but after the window was closed (and my secret window still open) we heard the little monster call us assholes. Regardless, he hasn't come back. Either he is on vacation, or was scared shitless. A Sauer Kraut* can be intimidating!

*see here for explanation

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