Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holy ice, Batman!

Being away for almost a year, I forgot how dangerous city life in the winter can be. I think this year is extreme, though. We got loads of snow that stuck, it built up on roofs, thawed a bit and refroze, creating giant, scary icicles.

Thanks to the sz-online for that picture. These giant icicles are not in Dresden, but I have certainly seen many like that on my street and in my neighborhood. The really fun part is that it has been above freezing for the last couple of days, loosening and ultimately freeing these giant icicles, ice chunks, and snowpiles from 5 stories above the sidewalk so that they come crashing down. Here's what happens:

Thanks again to the sz-online for that photo. This is right in my neighborhood. I have seen several places where these giant chunks are lying on the sidewalk, but fortunately have not been under any falling chunks because I have taken to walking on the street, and will continue to do so until all ice is gone. I've seen ice crashing down right across the street, out my window, while on the way to the bakery today, and amazingly and fortunately, no people have been injured so far. That is amazing. Many cars have suffered though. Luckily we have a parking spot between 2 houses with little or no ice and snow, so no "roof avalanches" should come crashing down on our car.
Yesterday evening I went out with a friend, and as we were saying goodbye outside before heading home, we heard a sound sort of like scary sliding ice above our heads, we jumped and looked up and saw someone rolling down their shutters. We had a good laugh and then we heard the sound again, resulting in another jump and look up, again to realize that it was just the shutters. It seems like someone was having a fun time playing "Jump, foreigner, jump!"

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