Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

We saw this on our new year's day tour of the destruction in Dresden-Neustadt.

It seems like good advice.
It seems there was little destruction this new year. In earlier days, we always saw broken windows and damage to cars, this year not even the parking ticket machines were destroyed. This morning we just saw some used fireworks and broken bottles on the streets, but nothing too wild. Not even my former landlord was outside one of the slum houses in his empire repairing damage to his house by disgruntled tenants or feverishly cleaning his sidewalk. Boring new year.

But that is probably fine. Here is a little 2009 of mine in review:

-a baby on the way
-quit my job
-another transatlantic move
-waiting and waiting and waiting to find the right place to live
-got 2 bunnies before we even had a place to live
-we found it! It's great, with a garden all our own and space for a bunny paradise!
-Friedrich arrived, and both of us remained completely unscathed, as opposed to Wilhelm's birth
-Wilhelm started Kindergarten!
-a trip to Gran Canaria to top it all off

There's certainly more, but that's the most important stuff, or so it seems to me at the moment.
That probably doesn't sound bad, but it was a terribly stressful year. This year has got to be better.

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