Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some of our majestic Michigan wildlife

The above Big Bucks were out behind the house one morning when I got up, and so I snapped a picture. They are a little bit confused, I think, because they not only come out at the usual deer times of morning and evening, but also all day long to graze the squash and apples back there.

These mama and baby deer were out in front of the house this morning eating some apples. They were really close to the house, and seemed unphased as I stood in the window and took their picture. They just went about their breakfast.

We see this turkey and his friends behind the house by the pumpkin patch periodically.

These racoons were eating apples in the deer's place one morning. They're cute, but also pesky: they will eat the vegetables from your garden and are also carriers of rabies.

I guess I forgot how many wild animals we have around here, even though I grew up with them all around me. Each day I am surprised by all of these creatures. But my brother has also supported my observation that there are actually a lot more deer than usual this year. They are coming out all day long, not just in the morning or evening, and are coming very close to the house and the people, as you can see in the photo of the fawn, he's between the house and the mailbox. They are also not so scared of people: I went for a jog in the woods, and some deer just stood staring at me about 10 meters away, and I went for a bike ride one evening, and the deer just stood in the road staring at me. And when they decided to run away, they didn't go the opposite direction, but right in my direction, nearly knocking me off the bike. Please, hunters, please: hunt a lot this year, do some major population control, because I don't want any of these deer to run out in front of my car. I've never hit a deer, and I don't want to any time soon.

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