Saturday, August 23, 2008

Culture shock!

-the cars are big
-the streets are wide
-the people are big
-there is constantly music on in every store, and in the mall it's overstimulating because there's mall music and then each store has its own music
-there are tons of billboards along the highway
-there are so many wild animals everywhere
-there are no sidewalks
-where there are sidewalks, nobody's actually walking on them
-nobody uses a bike for transportation
-there are no buses, trams or trains
-it's so quiet
-it's so dark at night
-you can hear crickets, lots of them
-everybody's so nice
-there's no grafitti
-people look each other in the eye

The strangest thing is that things that used to seem so big seem so small now, and some things are just so different than I remember them. I remember there being action, and now it just seems so quiet. Everything goes so slowly now. It probably always did. The animal noises in the woods never used to make me nervous. I'm so used to not looking at people in the supermarket, and here everybody is saying "Hi!" to me. Huh. I'm vexed.

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