Thursday, August 07, 2008

Neonazis, I've had just about enough of you...

First you stole my bike back in 2005, and now you've stolen my name. See below:

"SKR" - "Skinheadkontrollrunden" nennen die Rechtsextremen ihre nächtlichen Touren in Sturmhauben und Springerstiefeln: Mit Taschenlampen und Schlagringen machen sie sich auf die Suche nach Opfern, wer ihnen in die Quere kommt, wird zusammengeschlagen. Die Männer überfallen Dönerbuden, attackieren das Büro der Linkspartei, fallen in annähernd militärischer "Marschformation" über Volksfeste her. Regelmäßig bleiben Verletzte mit Platzwunden, Schnitten und Prellungen zurück.

This is from Spiegel Online, one of my favorite news sources, and it tells me that you Neonazis are defaming me by naming your little "Skinhead control rounds" SKR. What you do in your "rounds" includes going around beating up Turkish guys who just want to serve some delicious snacks, some left-oriented political activists, foreigners (so why did you have to go and use my initials, rocket scientists?) and pretty much anybody else you don't like.

Neonazis, I don't like you and you probably don't like me. Though I've had some very shady situations in my time in Dresden, such as being hit on by one of your NPD party members (he invited me to an intercultural exhibition about Japan !?), being nearly employed as a simultaneous translator by a disabled former NPD party member to call a refugee camp in Africa to talk to his girlfriend (my friend who did take this job had the guts to ask the former NPD member if this didn't in some way conflict with his views, and he made it clear that he no longer beloned to "the party"), oh, yeah, and not to mention that you stole my bike three years ago.

Okay, okay, maybe I'm generalizing too much by mixing up the Sturm 34 group and the NPD--the NPD would certainly feel insulted if I am balling them together with Sturm 34. "No, no!" they would say, "we are just nationalists." Well, I don't care. For me you are all one and the same, and strangely enough, where the NPD is strong also seems to be pretty close to where Sturm 34 is carrying out their stupid "rounds".

I don't care about your slight shades of gray between the NPD and Sturm 34. You are offensive, disgusting bullies. I wish I could tell you to just go away, get out of this beautiful country that you are giving a bad name. I would love to do everything I could to simply have you deported to the moon or somewhere else where you only have each other to beat up, but I'll be going away first.

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