Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Zoo

With our annual tickets to the Dresden Zoo, we can go there as often as we like and see the animals. Among my favorites are these lovely red birds.

Then there's the stork. When we see him, I am usually required to sing

Auf unsrer Wiese gehet was
Watet durch die Sümpfe
Es hat ein weißes Jäcklein an
Trägt auch rote Strümpfe
Fängt die Frösche schnap wap wap
Klappert lustig klappertiklapp
Wer kann das erraten?

It's a children's song about something standing on my meadow that has a white jacket and red tights on. He catches frogs and says schnap wap wap and makes other funny noises, too. Who knows what it is? A stork!

Here's a guy that really says schnap wap wap and klappertiklapp every darn time I see him. He doesn't seem to have all the cups in the cupboard, as the Germans would say, or I tend to think that he has a screw loose.

The Kattas are among my personal favorites as well, they spring around and are just precious with their long, fluffy tails. One day in the winter one was by the glass, and Wilhelm cuddled him through the glass! That was also quite precious.

Then there's this little guy, the baby orangutan! He is just adorable. The orangutans are super interesting, and I feel kind of bad for them in their tiny cubicles. Hopefully they will have a better place to live when the new monkey habitat is finished. Unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture of him because other friendly zoo visitors kept pushing in front of me to take their own photos with their little cell phone cameras. Oh well. Another day.

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lozzzy said...

Brilliant photographs :) I love the one of the ostrich and the baby orangutan is just... adorable :)