Saturday, May 29, 2010

A blast from the past: Fabulous San Francisco

While going through my photographs to put together an exhibition in June, I started looking through our road trip photos from Christmas 2008. I had the best intentions to document our road trip on this blog, but only got up to the scary hotel story we had, and didn't put up too many pictures at all. Since there isn't much exciting stuff going on around here lately, and taking nice pictures has taken a backseat to dealing with two kids, I thought I would put up some old pictures that I haven't shared yet! The one above is a fantastic view of San Francisco from the top of a hill, you can see the adventurous serpentine we had to drive the Jeep up to get there!

While were in San Francisco that Christmas, it was deep winter in Michigan, but pleasantly sunny and mild on the Pacific. We enjoyed a walk on the beach, and even saw tons of these funny little washed up jelly fish! I bet they aren't so funny, though, if you step on one.

Oh, those San Francisco streets!

And of course we also visited China Town. This is a neat, bustling neighborhood, where you feel transported out of the United States. We had a nice lunch, then were chased and cursed at by the waitress, because she thought our tip was too little. She was unfriendly anyway, and despite that, she got an ample tip.

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