Friday, April 02, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

We have some new little guys blooming in our garden. I wanted to put up a picture of our crocus, but they tipped over pretty fast. It seems like more are coming up, but they aren't in bloom yet.

While the sun was shining in the last couple weeks, I started work on my latest fun free time project: photographing Art Nouveau buildings that I happen by in town. We got started on Art Nouveau a few years ago when we bought a beautiful antique buffet for our living room that just happened to be from that period, this fall we started buying more of this style furniture. I'm writing at my Art Nouveau table as we speak. It's kind of a hit and miss thing, sometimes you find what seems to be a good deal on something online, buy it, then it's not quite as great as you thought...this way we've bought and sold a wardrobe and five chairs. The buffet was a serious stroke of luck...and kind of expensive. We have another chair waiting for us to fix it in the attic, and now we're taking a break on the antique furniture. But to satisfy my little thing for this style, I'm going to start taking pictures of it. It's a fun enough way to see some different parts of Dresden and not cost myself lots of money and nerves on stuff that's not quite what I thought it would be. The pictures are really full of surprises, because the closer and longer you look, the more neat details you find that you might not notice standing on the street staring at somebody else's house.

The photos above are from three houses on Katharinenstrasse in the Neustadt. These houses are pretty wild examples of Art Nouveau architecture from around 1905 by the architect Friedrich Wilhelm Hertzsch. They have the typical symmetry, line and decorative elements of Art Nouveau, but with some neat touches like the different faces, animals and flowers worked in. Have fun finding all the little extras in those facades!

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