Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Camera!

Hooray! My new camera was in stock at the store yesterday, so I hopped on my bike, rode up to the store and bought it! I have not moved on to the hallowed ranks of SLR photography yet, so purchased myself yet another bridge camera. It has 12.1 megapixels and a whopping 26x zoom! It is a major move up from my 6-year-old Kodak with 4 megapixels and 10x zoom. Plus it has all the manual functions, so I can pretend to be a real, skilled photographer.
Anyway, I was playing with my new toy yesterday and reading the user's manual to figure out how everything works, and it seriously blew me away with all of its neat functions. I can zoom into the cobblestones of my street from my window and see the lip marks on the cigarette butts in the cracks between the stones!
This is a fun distraction after the stress of the last weeks. Did I mention how mean and evil the Kindergarten was? Wilhelm doesn't go there any more, and neither of my kids will ever go to a state-run Kindergarten ever again. Oh, yeah, and there's other stuff. But in the end, all of this stuff is not so bad. We are learning from it, and the way I see it, life is just a big game of Monopoly. I just landed on the wrong square and have to pay some money, but I'll pass Go and collect my 200 EUR soon enough. Later I will buy Park Place!

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