Sunday, October 26, 2008

A quick update

Due to my lack of a home internet connection, I'm not posting any pictures right now, though I have a few I'd like to share...of political posters and other assorted interesting/funny/curious cultural stuff. But as soon as we have our internet connection ironed out, I'll get those up.
It seems mud bogging is not as beloved as I once thought, it is actually scorned. We had some of our neighbors over for dinner Friday night, and two of them are the ones that sold Lloyd the mud bogger his property. He is not well liked in the neighborhood, actually, he seems to be quite disliked due to his mud bog. It's an eyesore that none of the more cultivated neighbors can appreciate.

In other news, the campaign for president is in full swing. I seem to be living in McCain country, as confirmed by the neighbors who were over for dinner and all of the signs around Beaverton and Midland. There are lots of Obama supporters too, but McCain seems to have the upper hand here. We'll see what happens at the beginning of November, I can't wait to find out.

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