Thursday, January 17, 2008

Climate Change!

I don't really know why everybody is talking about climate change all the time. Maybe it's interesting for them, but the thing I especially don't get is why they talk about it like it's something bad. Personally, I don't consider it a bad thing when I can safely ride my bike to work in the middle of January, without having to worry about ice or snow on the streets. I also don't mind being able to wear a light jacket when I go out for a little walk in the middle of winter. My son doesn't mind either, because all that winter gear he has to wear really gets on his last nerve. He can hardly walk, turn his head or move his arms with all those snow pants and thick coats and hats and layers of warm clothes. So what's the problem? Really, think about it: the dinosaurs died off because of climate change, glaciers melted because of climate change, lakes and rivers formed because of climate change. And this was always just the natural cycle of the earth! The dinosaurs didn't have cars, and whatever was living when the glaciers melted sure wasn't using lots of gas and oil and emitting carbon. This is just the natural course of the earth, and just because people haven't written anything like this down in the history books before doesn't mean that it's all our fault, or more specifically, all America's fault. But, if you want to give it your best and speed it up so we can all enjoy a few more warm winters in our lifetimes, go to this website about how you can control climate change, and just do the opposite!

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