Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More bunny adventures

What's this, nature friends? That's right, bunny tracks in the snow. And these weren't made by any old wild hare, they were made by the one and only Waboose.

Doesn't he look strapping in his matching coat and harness?

My only complaint is that people's IQs seem to drop when they see a bunny on a leash. Some people are shocked and horrified to see a bunny on a leash, many make comments that are Easter related, and one incredibly charming dog owner mentioned how it's not very safe to take a bunny out for a walk with all the dogs around. I know it's unusual, but I think it's nicer to take these guys out for some fresh air once in a while instead of keeping them cooped up in an apartment all the time. As for the dogs, it is a law that they should be on a leash, too. And just because my bunny is smarter than your dog doesn't mean you have to threaten his life.

Support bunny freedom! Which would you rather see, a bunny outside safely frolicking and having fun on a comfortable leash, or sitting around an apartment like a living knick-knack?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is Waboose a lionhead?

~Amanda R.