Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iceland and whales

I am a vegetarian, but not for ethical reasons, I simply don't like the taste of meat.  That said, I am not going to protest about people eating meat, whatever kind they may choose.  Iceland does commercial whaling, and has for a long time.  A lot of people are against whaling, I know this and respect it, but found it fascinating that no one batted an eye when asked "Where can I get a whale steak?"  Of course I was not asking this question, because I am not interested in meat .  Anyway, no one batted an eye, they were much more likely to whip out their smartphone and start searching for a whale steak for you. 

We ended up at Seabaron in Reykjavik right by the harbor.  They seem to have had the most affordable whale steaks, and even veggie patties and veggie skewers, all prepared on a grill.  And free ice water!  You get free ice water wherever you go in Iceland, of course, they are very proud of their water and every restaurant or even Taco Bell will happily offer you a glass of free ice water and a smile.  But back to the whales.  You can eat them.  And many people did, and do each day.

You were actually allowed to choose your food right from the fridge:

There's the whale on the plate:

I'll stick with the ice water!

Right around the corner from the restaurant, you could see this:

Quite a mix of different standpoints.

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