Friday, May 31, 2013

High Water at the Floßhaus!

I can't really say that this came out of the blue or anything, we pretty much banked on having water in the basement after seeing the house and noticing that there was NOTHING in the basement, and the furnace and whatever scant supplies were down there were elevated.  Here it is, the water! 

 So there's just a couple of inches of water in the basement, thanks to the pump that's been running since this morning.

The quiet little stream that comes from the forest across the street has turned into roaring little river. 
 The waterfront has gotten closer to the Haus!
 Those trees are usually on dry land.
Here's the view from where I'm sitting now. 

The real danger appears to come not from the Zschopau, but from the forest across the street.  I just noticed that there is lovely clear water trickling down the path directly across from the Haus, and have heard that this can also turn into a roaring waterfall.  I didn't just buy a house here, I bought a whitewater adventure!

And a pretty one to boot:
So far we haven't been hit so hard, the people in Neudörfchen a little closer to town have more water in their yards.  In Chemnitz, where I was teaching today, there was hard rain most of the afternoon, Neukirchen was half under water, and on the way back to Mittweida a farm in Ottendorf was completely under water.  So right now we're hanging in there pretty well, let's see what the next 2 days of rain bring.  I heard today that the water will reach its highest this weekend. 


ewa walter said...

Good blog, just a pity that there is no translator, I invite you also to my blog :D

Clarisse La Rue said...

Kinda scary... I live in a country where "flood" is a normal scenario and when typhoon arrives, days and nights can be pretty scary, too.

Marcel Jardeleza said...

wow. That place looks like an adventure! Be careful of landslides though, if your area is prone to em'.