Saturday, December 15, 2012

My first ever gingerbread house!

I've always been really impressed by gingerbread houses, I think because I thought they were difficult to construct, but they're actually a piece of cake!  I constructed my first one ever this year, and it was pretty fun.  I planned this as the big event when we picked up another kid from our Kindergarten, because his parents had to work late and he's usually sad when he has to come to our house.  The appeal of gingerbread house construction didn't do much for the kids, though, they were more interested in running around with trucks and screaming joyful screams at the top of their lungs, so at least my goal of keeping everyone happy worked, even if the gingerbread house didn't do the trick. 


Anonymous said...

wow it looks great, I have never made one for the same reason I thought they were hard to do,,guess not

Mom said...

it looks wonderful,,good job!