Wednesday, May 16, 2012

La Palma Day 7

This post has been lost for months!  Well, not exactly lost, but ignored.  I started a draft in January, and just never got around to finishing it.  So here it is, day 7 of our La Palma trip!

On this day we did some easy excursions, like a walk to see some petroglyphs.  Certain members of my group were not convinced that these are authentic, but I'm a sucker for sights like this and think they are excellent either way.
Here's the view from the petroglifos; it's not bad either.  Palm trees dotting the landscape just make me happy, as do the colorful houses. 
After our quick visit to the petroglyphs, we drove to a pine forest and hiked up to the Cumbre.  This is like a long backbone running to the south of the island.  The view from up there is excellent, even if I did get dizzy a couple times from basically walking on a pass.

Can you spot the Caldera in the distance?
Here's what I mean about walking on a pass.  It doesn't look so dramatic here, but the wind and view did play some tricks on my sense of balance up there!

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