Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The reason for my long hiatus...the vegetables.

One of our early harvests from the summer included crunchy kohlrabi, yellow peppers, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.  The kohlrabi is finished now, but we are still getting a few tomatoes, cukes from the greenhouse, zucchini and peppers like you wouldn’t believe.  Yellow peppers, bell peppers and chilis, habaneros, jalapenos and more. 

Here you can see our lovely, colorful potatoes.  They are small, so they are a pain in the neck to peel, but they are pretty and delicious!  These are truly a feast for the eyes.

Kale is another thing we have a whole lot of.  When this delicious green started growing like gangbusters, I became a little concerned because I had no idea what to do with it.  The only form in which I’d ever seen it in was in the supermarket as “Kohl King”:  a kind of TV dinner type product with pureed kale and slices of wiener or some other sausage that doesn’t interest me in the least.  I consulted my good friend Google, and found out that whatever you can do with spinach, you can do with kale.  So I unleashed my powers of blanching, pureeing and creaming, and voila!  We had tons of delicious kale dishes, from lasagna to casserole to just plain old kale.  It’s good stuff, and very healthy.
Here you can see a fraction of our hot peppers, we have more hot peppers than we know what to do with.  These are either adojemas or habaneros, I don't know which.  They are supposedly among the hottest peppers out there, but this weekend, I devoured that big yellow one in the middle in some dipping sauce for grilled zucchini without any trouble.  It was funny, it didn't burn my mouth, but for whatever reason, my nostrils felt like they were on fire--I felt like a dragon after eating that thing!
 We don't just have edibles in the garden, but also nice flowers.  These plants were given to  us by our neighbors when they were just a wee few inches tall, now they are 2 or more feet tall. 

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elieli said...

Love your growing garden RWR !! I used to underestimate kale but now it is one of my favourite ... very healthy and nutritious :)