Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Blast from the past! February 2006

I was looking at my pictures and noticed that I haven't got any pictures on my computer from February yet. So I decided to put up some old pictures from a February past. February 2006 was an exciting time, we hadn't had our first son yet, he came in May 2006 and we'd just moved into our giant apartment on Förstereistr. Aaaah, 100 square meters, how I miss thee.

I'd just left my 42 square meters of single freedom on Alaunstraße, dropping the notice letter in my landlord's mailbox was not easy. But we were movin' on up, we got a nice big place and had a kid on the way. Little did we expect that 2 years later we would be standing in that very apartment, puzzling about what to do next. Standing in front of the DDR map of the Americas, we decided California was where we wanted to go. That didn't quite work out the way we wanted, we got to Michigan for 10 months, and made a road trip to California, but the economic crisis got between us and our American dream. Fast forward another 3 years, and here we sit, back in the Neustadt, doing the same old things that we always did, just in an apartment that's 25% smaller and has 100% more kids in it than the old one!!! It's sort of like the story "Oh, wie schön ist Panama", but we didn't even get a big plushy sofa out of the deal. I think we got a heck of a lot more!

The old colorful kitchen. That ended up in somebody's garden house.

The old living room. We still have those plushy sofas, a British guy bought the flooring, the chairs were used as bottle openers at our going away party. Other unspeakable things occured in the bathroom at our going away party.

Wow, we had high ceilings. We don't any more, but we have a private garden now, which is pretty sweet. You wouldn't believe how many people wanted to buy those silly IKEA wardrobes, even if they were broken! We don't have IKEA wardrobes any more, and I don't mind a bit.

The thing that strikes me in all of these pictures is how tidy everything is. We were freshly moved in back then, and there were also no kids smearing their smeariness all over everything and hauling their playthings into every imaginable corner and crevice, that surely made a difference. Maybe we just had more space to shove everything we didn't want in the picture out of the way.

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