Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Duck Crossing

Careful! Duck crossing - take your foot off the gas!
I love it. Frog crossings, duck crossings, special bridges that are not paved but planted with grass and little trees so that animals can cross the highway -- these are all things you might see on the road in Germany.
However, I do know drivers upon whom this would have the exact opposite result: certain people who shall remain nameless would put the pedal to the metal if they see so much as a feather, let alone an actual moving target, approaching the street...

In other news I saw a nice sign yesterday on an Indian shop window: it should say "Wir unterst├╝tzen keine Kinderarbeit." (We don't support child labor) But someone scratched off the "k", so it said "Wir unterst├╝tzen eine Kinderarbeit." (We support a child labor - a sweatshop maybe?) Petty childish imbecile that I am, I cracked up right there in the middle of the icy cold sidewalk. It was more because I expected it to say something like "We support an orphanage" or something along those lines because it was in small print along the bottom of the window, and I saw "support" and "child" and then I read the whole thing...

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