Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Snowdrops

That was the end of our nice weather last week, just as we were getting over our bronchitis and colds and coughs, the beautiful spring-like weather made a quick exit and this business started.

Our poor little snowdrops are all surrounded with snow. They aren't open yet, and I hope they survive. Much more than anything, though, I hope that this stupid sub-zero weather would just quit already. I am sick of coughing and sick of being exhausted because I am sick, I am sick of snowboots and snowpants and thick winter coats and gloves and hats! I want some warm sunny days so I can eat breakfast and dinner in my garden and go for long walks without having to search for my long lost gloves and packing up a thermos of tea so I don't freeze to death by the time I reach the Elbe.
Enough of my sad-sack complaining. But really, I hope this year isn't like that year when I was 4 years old when it snowed on Mothers' Day...Wilhelm will be 4 this May...

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