Monday, March 23, 2009

Ice Mountains on Saginaw Bay

Last weekend we drove to the Bay City Recreational Area to have a look at all of the ice that has been pushed up from Lake Huron onto land. This didn't only happen here, but also in some residential areas where ice was pushed up into houses, through windows and walls. There were some photos in the newspaper of people with ice in their living rooms. We didn't see any of that, but from the shape of these ice mountains, you can imagine how that could happen if your house was very close to the shore.

Here you can see over the ice mountain out onto the Saginaw Bay. There are more mountains of ice out in the bay.

The surface of the ice had a neat crazed pattern, and was very glassy.

Here is some older ice, it looks more white than clear. And you can see the sheets of ice that have been pushed up from the water.

Here are some more crystally, sparkly, glass ice mountains. When the ice started to fall down like an avalanche, it even sounded like broken glass.

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