Monday, July 14, 2008

Huffing at the Plus Markt

Maybe I'm getting old, but I really wish that security guard would come back to the Plus Markt and at least stop the wild homeless Australian from huffing the gasses from various aerosol cans in and in front of the supermarket. You see, for a short time, there was constantly a security guard in my local Plus supermarket keeping loiterers (often various forms of drunks blocking the entry) from annoying shoppers and begging for money. These were the golden days of my Plus market, about 2-3 months ago. Well, he hasn't been around lately, and a perennial fixture of the Plus market, the Huffing Australian, has been totally out of control. The security guard was keeping him outside on the sidewalk, but now the huffing Australian has set up his blanket right inside the entry by the shopping carts, and today was the second time I've seen him IN THE BUILDING huffing gasses from aerosol cans. Why is this tolerated? I can put up with a lot, I can put up with the Huffing Australian talking to my kid, I can put up with the Huffing Australian making crazy noises, I can put up with the Huffing Australian barking at dogs in front of the store (as he did today, and the dog shut up). But I cannot put up with the Huffing Australian actually huffing.

Apparently the story on this guy is that he had a German girlfriend, and this is why he's in Dresden in the first place. Well, the love affair ended, and life soured, so now he more or less lives in the Plus Markt. He turned to drugs, and maybe because he's poor, he gets high by inhaling the gasses from spray cans. I actually kind of feel bad for him, because he's obviously in a very bad situation and a bit crazy, and people abuse him. What he needs is help, not some change from the shoppers, certainly not a donated can of hairspray, but rehabilitation. But he should not be huffing in a supermarket! Why is this allowed? Why are there police parading in riot gear when there's a little festival in the neighborhood, when there's a big soccer game, or when some rocket scientists build a tree house in a tree that's about to be cut down to make way for a bridge (protecting the guys in the tree house who are trespassing, I might add), but when somebody actually smashes some windows on a Turkish restaurant (or 3), or actually throws somebody out of a tram, or actually busts the mirror off of your car, or actually does drugs in front of your kid in the supermarket, there are no police to be found? Come on Dresden, get on the stick.

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