Thursday, June 05, 2008

I love larvae!

We've had a terrible problem with plant lice for the last couple of years on our balcony and even in the house on our plants, until someone showed us the solution last week at Willy's birthday party: larvae! Ladybug larvae to be exact. Those little guys chowed down on the lice, freeing our tomatoes, sunflowers and beans of lice overnight!


The little guys with wings are the lice, the black and red guy is the larva. Look at how he eats!

I realize these larvae aren't the most charming creatures, but they have solved a problem that has been giving us a headache for over a year. Therefore I adore them and search the bushes in my yard for more each day, carefully placing them on my plants which are just covered in delicious bugs. Yesterday I saw one at a restaurant and had to contain myself, I nearly started praising the little bug on our table.

If you don't believe me that those creepy little guys are going to turn into ladybugs, here's your proof.

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