Monday, February 18, 2008

More stellar sayings of 2007

It's been a reflective beginning of the year for me, and I've realized that I forgot some great sayings of 2007 in my "Year in Review" post from January. So here's some more...

Summer 2007

"Habt ihr euch eigentlich überlegt, was es für die Nachbarn oben bedeutet, wenn ihr auf eurem Balkon grillt?" (Have you actually thought about what it means for the neighbors upstairs when you grill on your balcony?) -Well, no, and to be honest, we don't really care. And this neighbor didn't do himself a favor with his well thought out saying, because now and forever he will be known as "Habt ihr euch eigentlich überlegt" to us, and we loathe him.

"Hallo? Hallo? Könntet ihr bitte dort drüben grillen? Das riecht sehr stark bei uns, und meine Freundin ist vegetarier." (Hello, hello? Could you please grill over there? The smoke smells really bad in our apartment, and my girlfriend is a vegetarian.) -Again, no, but I'm a vegetarian too, so you can come eat with us!

Grilling was a major theme for us in 2007, and the neighbors never liked it. The thing is, everyone grills in our courtyard and it stinks all the time, that's just a part of summer, so get over yourselves and deal with it.

"Could you watch my bike for me?" This was a question from "Habt ihr euch eigentlich überlegt" while we were eating breakfast on our balcony. And you know what we said? No. I'm sorry, but if you're going to run around with that ugly Monday-morning look on your face even on a sunny Saturday, I'm not going to watch your stupid bike just because you're too lazy to put the stupid lock on it. Come on, what're we supposed to do if someone steals it? Jump over our balcony and chase them? Seriously. Hast du es dir eigentlich überlegt?

Fall 2007

A little note on an ugly pink bike in our hallway DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY DOOR: "Hände weg von diesem Fahrrad!" (Hands off this bike) Apparently, other inhabitants of our house had been moving the bike and/or letting the air out of the tires (I saw it numerous times with flat tires). My reply, also on a little note: "Then put it in a reasonable place, brain surgeon."