Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Story of Waboose

Waboose's early days with us, before Wee had fully accepted him

The question came up of whether Waboose is a lionhead rabbit, and the answer is, I don't know. I imagine he's a mutt rabbit of some sort. He and Wee both came from Panama, the children's playground and petting zoo here in the Neustadt. Wee was free, they had baby bunnies to give away in the summer of 2003, Waboose cost €8, and was sort of a pity purchase back in September 2004 because there was a sign hanging on the cage that said if the little guys weren't sold by the end of September, they'd become food for the crocodile at the Dresden Zoo. That made me shudder, as I do every time I go past the crocodile pit and read how he eats a live chicken or rabbit once a week, and as you probably know, I'm a sucker for such things. So Waboose joined us back then, with me not knowing what he is, and not really caring because he was cute. Wee, on the other hand, had a different opinion. She must have found him adorable, but still felt the need to establish her dominance. The relationship between the two got off to a rather rocky start, as you can see below.

Upon their first meeting, Wee promptly urinated on Waboose. Upon following meetings, she beat him up and sometimes even tore out a little hair, as you can see above. No blood was ever shed, and they always had seperate living quarters until, one day, they just started sharing the bigger cage, and never looked back at the small cage. Until now. Wee has developed a terrible eye infection, and her course of antibiotics has lead to a seperation once again. This is because Waboose should not clean the infected eye, as he was doing. He still can come visit Wee for a couple hours a day, so he doesn't think she died or something. And it seems that he's enjoying his new bachelor bunny life. He's built a nest in the corner, and often reclines on his bunny rug. I think the new peace and quiet is good for Wee, as well, and I hope it helps her to achieve a speedy recovery! If not, the vet said one eye may need to be removed, due to the infected lid and a detached lens in this eye, with which she has always had problems, but which took a sudden turn for the worse last weekend. Her name will then be changed to Weeclops.

But if you'd like to see a friend of Wee and Waboose's, go here:
Merlin seems to be a lionhead rabbit, plus, he's just darn cool. Wee and Boose visit him and his bunny friends sometimes, and I think Wee has a crush on him, which, of course, does not please Waboose. But Wee is such a tease, she had a baby with Najimo, a flatmate of Merlin's, a couple years ago...I'm glad Waboose can't make babies!

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