Tuesday, December 13, 2005

As this photograph makes painfully obvious, all I really think about are my cute bunnies and delicious beverages.

These preoccupations got me into some trouble a while ago when I accidentally spilled some orange juice (and it was really only orange juice, I swear) on my keyboard, destroying its functionality on the right side. As you can see, I feebly attempted to remove some keys and clean the bad boy up, as was detailed on the internet, only to not be able to put the keys back on. Oh well, they didn't work anyway, before or after the cleaning. But yesterday, after buying a snazzy new (or so I thought) keyboard on ebay, I took computer and keyboard to my friendly neighborhood PC specialists. They got everything up and running, and when I went to pick up poor little lappy, they told me my snazzy new "i" key didn't work! Argh! But, specialists that they are, they fixed it! The moral of this story: buyer beware! And delicious beverage drinker, beware even more!

A bicycle update: someone keeps moving my bike around, which is really making me paranoid. I'm not riding my bike a lot lately, for assorted reasons, here I'll just say it's too cold, which is part of it. And, I just discovered the other day that someone stickered my bike too! This is cool, so anybody who wants to sticker my bike some more, go right ahead. I was thinking of stickering it myself, but didn't for fear that somebody might steal it, rending my efforts useless. And in other news, the Sprick is still missing. I worry about her fate, and I especially miss her fashionable and functional basket.

And still other news: I have to pat myself on the back because I got a job as an art teacher! So finally, I'm actually using that expensive college education of mine, it doesn't just make me feel good any more!

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