Sunday, November 20, 2005


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

I'm really alarmed by this picture. As you may know, Wee and Waboose have been suffering from a shock of separation since your holidays. And I believe they have not taken the obviously necessary and recommended therapy performed by an animal specialist. Now, I'm afraid that members of the animal protection society are considering whether they should inform the veterinary inspection office about this elementary violation of the German Animal Protection Act (TierSchG): § 2 No. 1 TierSchG says:

"Wer ein Tier hält, betreut oder zu betreuen hat, muß das Tier seiner Art und seinen Bedürfnissen entsprechend angemessen ernähren, pflegen und verhaltensgerecht unterbringen."

Obviously, a gas cooker isn't an appropriate residence for a rabbit. But maybe there is a convincing reason for that.

An alarmed, but hopeful reader

skreader said...

okay, I know this was an alarming choice on my part, but it's all in the name of art! Anyway, the oven wasn't on, just the light, so little Wee was safe, albeit alarmed by her new role as a "bun in the oven".