Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hello Readers!
Here’s my new new blog, it should be a bit snazzier than the other new blog, but we’ll see after this test. My American Homecoming Tour countdown is running and running fast, my flight is in only 5 weeks. Following the last couple of incredibly stressful weeks, I can’t wait.

Despite the stress, studying, and troubles lately, there’s been a bit of fun, too. For example, Dude Dude Chick has put on some good shows. They played the Bunte Republik Neustadt festival to roaring crowds 2 days in a row, with different drummers each time. Even De Randfichten, a popular folk group from the Erzgebirge, are crazy about them. I guess the secret’s out! Another secret that’s out: the elusive case-of-beer-hot-air-balloon was spotted again. What’s that all about? I guess advertising, but do you have to pay extra or make a special request to go on that one?

Kästner Kolleg was nice enough to treat its teachers to a lovely paddleboat steamer ride on the river Elbe last Friday. We even got to go on the chic Dixieland boat, with live music. It was a perfect evening, warm, sunny, and with good company. Plus we rode by the Elbhangfest along the river, so we had a peek at that, but didn’t go. Maybe next year.

On Saturday some English Clubbers put on an officially sanctioned campfire by the river, with grilling, music (provided by Dude of Dude Dude Chick), and guys trying to impress me (or so I was later told) by competing to get drinks faster when the party went dry (either by biking to the gas station to buy more or calling the delivery convenience store-the biker won) and attempting to swim across the river. The swimmer never did swim, which was a good thing, and I left shortly following that display of machismo.
The next day following a
scrumptious breakfast buffet
at the Scheune the bunny lovers of the Neustadt visited their bunnies, then went on a quick photo safari of the Neustadt.
Not only did we record what we saw, but Dude also altered one thing. A good alteration, I think.

We didn’t alter this one, and I have some mixed feelings about it. I think it’s uproariously funny, no doubt, but at the same time feel bad for the kid in the picture, because I too was once a chunky child. I hope she doesn’t see it, because it would probably just make her cry. This is one time when I agree that the most important thing is that it stays secret. But there are some situations where you really need to ask yourself if your fun is worth the pain it can cause other people.

To round out the weekend, the Eclectic Theatre people put on yet another barbecue, this time featuring none other than Dude Dude Chick! I love it! Word on the street is that the theatre kids were one of the best audiences that DDC has ever had, and Dude even picked up a Chick there. Chick also picked up a Dude. More on that later.
I’ve been asked (most recently this weekend) if all I ever do is party. No, it isn’t. I work full time as an English teacher and study for an M.A. with a double major in German and Romance languages, but who wants to read about that stuff?

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