Friday, November 10, 2006

Having a kid is no reason to look sloppy

I was reminded that I wanted to post this as I went into the supermarket yesterday evening and noticed that the bakery personnel now have very hip sweatshirts that say the name of bakery across the front in subtle orange script on a white background. I must apologize, because this fashion could very well come from the United States. Previously, the same bakery personnel wore decent smocks, an article I would much rather see on the people baking my bread.

It's incredible to me that so many women whom I saw walking around this spring and summer who were pregnant at the same time as me in tight, belly-accentuating and/or -baring tank tops are now sporting baggy, tent-like articles of clothing now that the belly is gone and the contents is lying in a stroller. Not that my way is the right way, but I opted for the tents while I was pregnant and got back into normal clothes ASAP. That's not the easiest thing in the world, considering that after the baby comes, you're by far not yet your old self again. I'm still not quite my old self after over five months. But I found it did a lot for my mood and self confidence to look presentable when I left the house, rather than camouflage my unbathed, bedraggled self in loose-fitting garb and a baseball cap. And even more, it helped me to feel good (and probably this is all in my head) to think "Here I am with a tiny baby and still I can manage to take care of myself too! I have myself together!" Or it least it looks that way, even if it isn't always the case...

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